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 David J. Felsing CPA has over 25 years of experience working with individuals and executors on Massachusetts estate taxes and trust taxes.  In many cases, estate taxes and trust taxes, as well as living trusts and estates, can be complex.  David J. Felsing CPA offers comprehensive tax preparation and Form K-1 to Beneficiaries, as well as Draft review.

For those in need of trusts and estates advice, David J. Felsing, CPA is here to help.  We understand the full process for living trusts and estates.  As long-standing Massachusetts CPAs with expensive estate taxes and trust taxes experience, we can provide you with the right assistance. 


If you are an executor or an individual in need of Massachusetts CPA estate taxes or trust taxes assistance, or would like to learn more about the process for living trusts and estates, contact David J. Felsing CPA today for an initial consultation at:

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We also provide Massachusetts small businesses with accounting services including financial statements, tax filing, payroll, and Form 1099 reporting consultation.