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 As a full service accounting firm to Massachusetts small businesses, David J. Felsing CPA offers several accounting services in order to improve financial visibility and performance.  As Massachusetts small business accountants for over 25 years, we create and manage your financial statements, prepare your taxes, and can also assist with performance analysis and recommendations.  We are Massachusetts accountants who offer the following:

  • Financial statements to help business owners and managers realize their profit potential
  • Review services
  • Total financial analysis and planning services
  • Tax preparation – Corporations, LLCs, Trusts and Partnerships
  • Working with raw data or client prepared QuickBooks
  • Break-even analysis and profitability recommendations


If you are seeking Massachusetts small business accountants, and are required to issue Form 1099s to independent contractors, David J. Felsing CPA Massachusetts accountants can fulfill your payroll tax requirements.  Payroll and Form 1099 reporting services that David J. Felsing MA accountants provide include:

  • Issuing and filing on independent contractors
  • 401k, SEP and IRA recommendations - planning for retirement starts now!

Our Massachusetts accountants provide a wide range of services for business owners seeking small business accountants. If you are a Massachusetts small business in need of accountants, contact us for an initial consultation at:

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In addition to serving Massachusetts business owners, we also provide general tax updates regarding the latest changes to both state and federal tax laws.  You can learn more about these updates on our MA CPA Tax Updates blog.